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Seychelles: an incomparable nature, breath-taking lagoons and endless sand beaches is the indication of uniqueness
Nowadays the Seychelles are no longer an unknown holiday paradise. Almost everyone has heard of the islands as they are often the host of many advertisements such as 'Bacardi Rum' and 'Bounty Riegel'. Nevertheless, the almost untouched islands which lie south of the equator are still a destination which many people seek to travel to. Palms wavering in the wind, silver glittering shores consisting of crystal-clear, turquoise water are washed around and (almost) always, the sun shines.
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The 115 islands and inslets are scattered across the width of the Indian Ocean like a set of beads and each and every one is a small garden of Eden. Eight of the islands are constantly inhabited. Mahé, the largest of the group, is home to the lively capital of Victoria. Standing upon lonesome coasts or on a small private island, exclusive resorts have established themselves, connecting luxury with an authentic nature experience - true paradise for those who seek romantic adventures like Robinson Caruso!
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The atmosphere present on each island is shaped by the relaxed and open-minded charm of the Seychelles society. Upbeat rhythms and warm hospitality are the philosophy of life here.
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European dances like the Camtolé as well as the African national dances Sega and Moutia are accompanied by traditional instruments.
The majority of the population in the Seychelles originates from Africa, however there is also a large influence of European, Indian, Malagasy and Chinese blood resident here. In the course of over 200 years of colonial history, the islands have developed a mixed Creolen population whose multiplicity is also evident in the typical-island kitchen. The benefit of rice, curry, fish, coconuts and bananas is available in all imaginable variations.
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Architecture in the Seychelles is not only distinctive in its style but it also boasts a practical construction. The influence from colonial times is extremely clear and at the same time a useful structure can be seen: The steep roofs protect the long terraces from the rain, it corresponds to island life, which in most cases allows one to capture the architecture as well as the refreshing breeze whilst spending time outdoors.
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It is not only architecture and nature that give an essence of uniqueness to each island: Powerful granite rock in bizarre shapes and forms, elegant ponds, sumptuousness jungles, mellow hills and wonderful sand bays make the Seychelles a true nature and holiday paradise. Breathtaking views overlooking the turqouise lagoons, snow-white beaches and impressing views of the flora and fauna fill a light-hearted vacation with luck which undoubtedly goes beyond that of everyday life.
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The pleasant, tropical and moderate climate evident in the Seychelles is due to their close proximity to the equator. Temperatures vary between 24°C and 30°C and only the mountain regions situated on the granite islands have rainfall to measure. For those who get the chance to travel to the Seychelles, it is strongly recommended that you use your time wisely and visit more than one island. Doing so will allow you to capture the spectacular views that the fantastic island world has to offer.
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An efficient transport system gives guests the opportunity to travel from one place to another. Begin your expedition on the capital island of Mahé and see what can be discovered from there onwards.
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Spread over a total area of 210 km2, a preserved area boasts over 75 different plant types, 12 types of amphibians, 11 kinds of bird and over 1000 kinds of invertebrates. A special highlight is the presence of the 3 kinds of giant turtle - on the Aldabra-Atoll, the worlds largest colony of giant land turtles is home to over 150.000 specimens. A miracle of nature is also the Koko Dmer, the so-called sea coconut, weighing 20 kg, it is clearly larger than the coconuts we are used to!
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For those who are unable to visit all the Seychelles islands, the diverse plant range can be captured in the one place, thus being Victoria in Mahé. Almost everything that grows on the Seychelles islands can be found in this botanical garden. Even the 1771 rare species which exist in the Seychelles can be found here. At the entrance, one only sees the Coco de Mer trees which grow on both sides of the island as well as on La Digue, Praslin and Curieuse.
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Sheltered from foreign attacks, a singular ecological system evolved on Cousine Island where many of the rare species from home can be found. A fantastic variety of birds are resident on this island. Under the enchanting Madagascar Weaver, the quaint fruit pigeon and the magpie robin are threatened by becoming extinct. Furthermore, 20 specimens of the rare giant turtle can also call this their homeland.
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The Hawksbill Ocean Turtle, another threatened species, comes ashore to Cousine Island every year in order to lay its eggs in the warm sand. The large, 25 hectare tropical island, which belongs to the Inner Seychelles is privately financed initiative and has been under nature protection as well as an extensive renaturation program for over 15 years. In this day and age, a team of Ornithology and biologists is still watching over the preservation of the sensitive animal and plant life on the island.
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The world underwater is a true paradise. Boasting a diverse range of coral reefs and large swarms of tropical reef fish, an instant invitation for both diving and snorkelling fans is evident. The Seychelles will undoubtedly guarantee spectacular views as it is known as the most beautiful diving and snorkelling district in the world. The coral reefs are surrounded by a rich collection of sea-life, in fact, the most diverse range of bright and colourful fish which exist here, cannot be found anywhere else in the word.
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The Seychelle islands do not only provide underwater sport fans with the experience of a lifetime but those who prefer to stay ashore also. Island Hopping is the next upcoming activity to participate in. This will allow you to discover what a range of islands has to offer. Trips to undiscovered paths in the midst of original nature are just as possible as wonderful trips with the bike.
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Fishermen also come to this tropical paradise at their own expense. The Seychelles is particularly ideal for those fishing fanatics. Along the coast of the capital island, several boat rental companies have been established allowing guests to go on an all day trip to the richest fishing grounds. An outstanding fishing district is the area around Bird and Denis Island, where the sea-bottom drops to more than 1800 m. For those who enjoy fly-fishing, Alphonse, Desroches and North Island are ideal.
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For coastal fishing, the best lagoons and cliffs can be found on the south coast of Mahé. A fishing license is not necessary here. For both fishing and diving it is worth ones while to rent a speedboat or a small yacht. Whatever activities you opt for whilst vacating in the Seychelles, it can be guaranteed that your stay will give you memories that will last a lifetime.
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The Seychelles
Location South of the equator in the Indian Ocean, East of Africa and North of Madagascar or rather Mauritius.
Area 455 km2 of a Sea area of over 400.000 km2
Form of Government Republic - since 29. June 1976 independent from England
Capital Victoria in Mahé
Languages Seselwa, English, French
Currency Seychelles - Rupee
Time zone UTC + 4
. Density of population 177 inhabitants pro km2
Total Population 80.832 (June 2004)