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Maledives: Tropical paradise situated upon the turquoise lagoon.
The Maldives are a true south-sea paradise like the one from a story book. Dense greenery coats the small, crescent or oval-shaped islands, fine sandy beaches sparkle in the sun and the ocean shimmers pictorially in all shades of blue and turqouise. The contemplative and idyllic islands can only be reached by waterplane or by boat and therefore grant a fantastic retreat of possibilities away from everyday life.
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Breathtaking lagoons which border white sandy beaches and individual island ownership of house reefs are the backdrop to luxurious Maldivian Resorts. Outstanding service and exquisite furnishings are evident at each property, allowing guests to experience a unique and unforgettable stay. The combination of noble materials, elegance and eccentric details undoubtedly exceeds the maximum vacation quality.
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No rare sight: Elegant Water Bungalows which come extremely well-equipped, rise from the crystal-clear, turqouise lagoon upon wooden stilts.
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Malediven Strand
Places of peace and serenity are the picturesque and never-ending beaches which outline a total of 1,190 islands. However, only 220 are inhabited.
Experience the allure of the Maldives with a colourful celebration, where traditional, live music is played by native inhabitants. Kindness and respect form a relationship between tourists and native ones, their peace and calmness are also quick to welcome newcomers. Enjoy the art of relaxation and indulge in some Wellness with a few Yoga or Tai Chi exercises on the beach and release your inner soul whilst standing amidst this marvellous world in the ocean.
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Sail away with the most impressing wind whining of the Indian Ocean as you glide into fantastic sunsets, allowing you to enjoy this unique sea within close proximity. Holiday-makers, who prefer to admire beauty upon the mainland can do so by relaxing upon the white proppelant-fine sand on their vacation island as well as discovering what true treasures the uninhabited islands have to offer.
Malediven Strandurlaub
The finest selection of gourmet cooking and a fantastic range of activities is what makes this small gem of the Indian Ocean one of the most appealing holiday destinations in the world. Spectacular panoramic views can be absorbed whilst relaxing in the open-air restaurant or bar, allowing them to truly forget about the outside world. A romantic candlelight dinner is just as professionally arranged on the Maldives as the exclusive dinner on one of the nearby lonely sand banks is.
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A varied cooking program is available here: Within the tranquil atmosphere of each individual resort, among other things, a selection of Arabian, Mediterranean and Japanese specialities are served.
For those classed as Spa Resorts, Huvafen Fushi is exceptionally outstanding. Completely new dimensions are opened here as guests can indulge in the first underwater spa in the world - whist beyond the panel, tropical sea creatures occupy the sea, one can escape reality by taking advantage of a professional massage, beauty care and Maldivian welfare rituals. Furthermore, Chinese welfare and relaxation methods are used: Massages with warm stones or flavour therapies can be undertaken for your own well-being.
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From the massage on the beach to the facial care consisting of natural herb creams - each application here is a true experience that one can enjoy with all of their senses.
Even children can discover a great deal on these unique islands - exotic animals, delicious fruits and endless strips of sand await for them.
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Couples who are truly in love will most definitely give the romantic atmosphere of these paradise islands the thumbs up. A celebratory wedding ceremony on the beach can be arranged as well as the fantastically elegant fixed menu which can be savoured whilst watching the sunset - here, the most romantic way to tie the knot is offered.

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Alongside an abundance of marvellous activities and arrangements, your holiday can also be spent relaxing: A small bicycle tour around the tropical uncultivated garden, a picnic on an isolated island or a barbecue on the beach - nearly everything is possible and here. On the Maldives, the desire of every guest is completely fulfilled.
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This paradise island also offers an extensive range of sport and leisure activities: from table tennis to water skiing and Catamaran sails up to Kanutouren in the crystal-clear lagoons.
Countless adventures await under water. The Maldivian government himself, consciously deals with the importance of their underwater treasures. At the moment, 25 conserved areas currently exist.
Malediven Unterwasser
Malediven Meeresscshildkröte Malediven Unterwasserwelt
The islands and the offshore coral reefs are natural habitats of a fascinating animal kingdom. Amidst the crystal-clear water of the lagoons, Zackenbar, Snappper and impressive rays can be seen swarming around - Blanket fish and stingrays are probably the most impressive inhabitants of the sea. Guests who visit these dream islands can expect to see multicoloured dazzling reef fish as well as the unique experience of meeting with a sea turtle.
Malediven Rifffische
Flat underwater areas with smooth sea beds, steep walls and bottomless drop offs, flow diving courses and recreational diving - also the diving areas in the Maldives offer a diverse range of alternatives. Many tourist areas have a house reef, so that diving courses from the mainland can be undertaken at any time as well as for those who want to go to Dhoni. The islands which boast beautiful house reefs are the ideal destination for Snorkellers due to the fact that the undreamt of colourful world is evident here.
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Malediven Hauptinsel
Malé, the vibrant capital of the Maldives is home to between 70.000 and 89.000 inhabitants of Male-Atolls. Guests who visit this area will find a range of Restaurants and Bars, where the typical Maldive delicacies can be sampled. Furthermore, there is a Museum as well as a small Disco. For those who like culture, a visit to the National Museum is recommended where a wide range of memorabilia and objects of every Soltan can been seen.
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The Maldives
Location In the Indian Ocean, South-west of India and Sri Lanka.
Area 298 km2
Form of Government Republic Presidential System with respectable importance to the President.
Capital Malé
Language Dhivehi
Currency 1 Rufiyaa = 100 Laari
Time zone UTC +5h
Density of population 1.002,8 inhabitants per km2
Total population 298.842 (March 2006)